Rs. 699 Rs. 1,399

Get rid of drilling nails on the wall and stick anything with Sticsieª.Ê
A waterproof and transparent double-sided tape that firmly sticks on any surface to hold all your stuff. Whether walls or floor or glass, it sticks on all.

Made with nano-silica gel, Sticsieª has been tried and tested to hold heavy objects, wires, photo frames, collectibles, and more. The super-strong bonding tape is tearable with hands, traceless, and doesn't leave behind any adhesive marks or scratch out the paint from a wall when taken off the surface.

  • Stick Anything and Sticks On Everything: SticsieªÊsticks on any surface including concrete, wood, metals, glass, plastic, marble, ceramic, etc. You canÊfixÊany item as heavy as up to 1.5 kgs.
  • Just Wash and Reuse Whenever:ÊIf the tape gets dirty, just peel it off and wash with lukewarm waterÊto reuse. Once dry, Sticsieª regains the original adhesion or stickiness.
  • Abrasion Resistant:ÊMade withÊpremium quality material, Sticsieª can withstand daily wear and tear. Attach anything anytime and replace it whenever you want.ÊNo hassle at all!
  • Environment Friendly: SticsieªÊis composed of non-toxic nano silica gel that can be used to hangÊboth light and heavy objects alike.ÊAlso, disposing it causes no harm to the environment whatsoever.