Rs. 799 Rs. 1,499

Free up your hands while using your smart devices!

Flexilyª, neck phone holder thatÊletsÊyou binge-watch, play games, follow recipes, and more without tiring your arms.
FlexilyªÊhangs comfortably around your neck, the flexible phone holder is provided with soft foam.ÊThe adjustable holder allows all devices, whether it's a phone, tablet, or kindle. Being 360¡ rotatable, rotate it as desired. No more dropping your phone or pausing videos,Êmake life easier withÊFlexilyª!

  • Versatile:ÊIdeal for Netflix, video calls, vlogs, or simply watching a movie, the possibilities, and endless. Light and foldable, you can easily carry it in your pocket.
  • No More Missing Out:ÊWatch your fav videos while doing daily chores, it bears all the weight. So, no more skipping videos or numbing your hands.
  • Multi-Functional:ÊUse as a phone holder, a stand, or a selfie stick. Made with ultra-flexible polymer, it retains the desired shape to provide you with optimum convenience.
  • Universal Fit:ÊCompatible with all big and all smartphones, phablets, and tablets. The anti-skid layer on the holder will keep your device stable even with a case on it.
  • Premium Quality:ÊMade with high-grade memory polymer, rugged ABS, and breathable foam, Flexilyª ensures sturdiness and durability.