Heatlinxª - Pack of 2

Rs. 799 Rs. 1,399


Seal in the freshness of the leftover food with Heatlinxª. This is a mini sealing tool that uses heat technology to seal any plastic tightly, locking out the moisture.

The airtight seal keeps the food safe from dust, insects and oxidation, ensuring the freshness is intact.Ê

This way the food doesn't spill or become soggy even if you do not consume it for weeks.Ê

  • Keeps Food Wastage in Check:ÊNo more throwing away stale, soggy chips or leftovers from last night. Simply stock them in plastic zip-lock bags and seal them up with Heatlinxª.
  • Easy to Use:ÊJust pop in two AA batteries, pull down the safety cap and press the button for about 10 seconds to pre-heat the coils. Then simply slide along the packet from one end to the other. Replace the safety cap once done.
  • Saves Storage Space and Time:ÊYou can safely store the half-eaten bag of snacks as it is, without having to transfer the contents in another container. This saves a lot of your cleaning up time and effort.
  • Easy to Carry and Store:ÊBeing lightweight, Heatlinxª can be easily carried around. The attached magnet on the equipment makes it easy to be clipped on the refrigerator and used whenever need be.