Golf Silicone Toilet Brushūü¶†

Rs. 599

Clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your toilet bowl with this Golf Silicone Toilet Brush!

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Leaves your entire toilet spotless clean!

Designed with the shape of a golf club, this toilet brush can perfectly get into all the nooks and crannies of your toilet.


‚úď No Dead Ends
‚úď Wall-Mounted
‚úď Long-Handled

MAKE HOUSEWORK EASIER: Better deepened the cleaning of the gap, can go deep into pipes and grooves, better reach to some dead corner or under-rim section.

Providing you a scratch-free cleaning that effectively eliminates every dirt and buildup.

The brush has a long, comfortable handle. Making it easier to scrub the bowl without the need of touching it. Its soft-silicone bristles allow dirt and even hair to wash off effortlessly!


  • Golf Arc Brush Head.¬†Its¬†flexible golf brush head¬†fits perfectly into¬†every corner of your bowl and rim. Scrubs¬†each hard-to-reach area in a breeze¬†and can¬†reach¬†deep into the drain.¬†

  • Comfortable Handle.¬†The brush has a¬†long, comfortable handle¬†which helps you to¬†clean drains and underneath the elusive toilet rim easily and preventing you from constant bending!

  • Non-Scratch Cleaning.¬†It has¬†durable, soft TPR bristles¬†that effectively eliminates every dirt and debris from your toilet¬†without scraping it.
  • Easy to Clean.¬†The brush has¬†non-sticky¬†bristles, which makes it easier to clean and dries quickly.¬†Reducing odor buildup and preventing bacterial growth.
  • Space Saving.¬†Perfectly fits well even¬†in narrow spaces¬†from your bathroom. It comes with a¬†strong, non-marking hook¬†for easy hanging. Also available with base for safe storing.

  • Premium Material.¬†Made of¬†high-quality¬†PP material with soft TPR bristles that is¬†durable and lint-free. Perfect for scrubbing all the buildups away!


  • Material: PP+TPR
  • Product colors: White / Blue / Black / Green
  • Product size: you can41*7.1CM


  • 1 x Golf Silicone Toilet Brush¬†