Scrubber Genieª

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,299

Are You Annoyed That You Can't Reach All Areas Of Your Back While Taking A Shower?
Then You Need The Easy way out with the ScrubberÊGenieª!

Trying to reach all areas of your back to clean can be a real pain. Sponges and loofahs collect germs and could even make you sick. And if you have any previous arm or should injuries, washing your back may also put too much pressure on your arm and joints.
Thanks to the ScrubberÊGenieª, this stretchy, silicone scrubber allows you to comfortably wash all hard to reach areas. Now you can experience a soothing back massage while gently exfoliating your skin.Ê

Use the Scrubber Genieª every day in the shower or bath to unclog pores, stimulate blood circulation, reduce stress, and revitalize your mind and body.Ê

EASY TO CLEANÊ- Silicone is semi-hydrophobic making it easy to clean and prevent the build-up of germs.
STRETCHESÊ-ÊAllows you to reaches all of your hard to get to areas.
EXFOLIATINGÊ-ÊThe flexible bristles help gently buff away dead skin cells leaving you with smoother, softer skin.
SAFEÊ-ÊMade of food-grade silicone, environmentally friendly, BPA free. DurableÊand high-temperatureÊresistant.

pink back scrubber in 4 image collage showing each side texture, the handle and foaming in a bath



?? Eco-Friendly and Durable
??ÊEasy-Grip Handles
?? Reusable and Long Lasting

??ÊTwo Sides to Exfoliate or Massage
?? Good for Your Neck, Shoulders, and Feet

ScrubberÊGenieª is Designed withÊdual-sidedÊandÊtwoÊergonomic handles, making the bath scrubberÊeasy toÊstretchÊto thoseÊhard-to-reachÊareas, such asÊshoulder, back and lower back areas.