Rs. 999 Rs. 1,699
Fixing your posture was never this easy!
Introducing Posturytª, a posture corrector brace that will instantly enhance your body posture to prevent future back problems.

Provided with breathable fabric and adjustable straps, PosturytªÊfitsÊboth men and women. It aligns your neck and spine and gives you a natural upright position. By gradually supporting your body stance, itÊhelps you get rid of slouching in 3 weeks.
So, get Posturytª and fix your posture for once and all!
  • Boosts Overall Health:ÊCorrects your posture and makes you fit, active, and confident. It also takes care of the harm caused by the long term use of computers and smartphones.
  • Unisex and Free-Size:ÊAnyone can get perfect posture with Posturytª, regardless of gender/age. Use it for only two hours a day, and it will fix your posture permanently.
  • Wear Under Clothes:ÊYou can wearÊitÊcomfortably under your daily clothes. The seamless fit makes sure that it is not visibleÊif you are going out and meeting people.
  • Versatile:ÊCan be used while working, walking, exercising, etc. Unlike other braces, it not only provides back pain relief but also provides upper back and lumbar support.
  • Premium Quality:ÊMade with high-grade Neoprene, Elastic, Stainless Steel, and Velcro, Posturytª ensures sturdiness and durability.