Rs. 3,999 Rs. 7,999

Yes, now you can carry your washing machine wherever you go! But How?

Here's Washizoª, a foldable semi-automatic washing machine that cleans your clothes wherever you take it.ÊÊ

With a load capacity of 2 liters, this portable washing machine is perfect to be used when you need a quick 15 minutes wash.Ê

Why wait for laundry day when you can wash your everyday clothes in Washizoª.

  • Saves Water and Electricity:ÊUnlike your heavy machine, Washizoª uses minimal power to run and about 2 liters of water only. It is perfect for saving water and electricity when you only have a few clothes to clean.
  • Keeping Your Safety in Mind: The machine is engineered with a powerful suction cup that keeps the machine from shaking as the turbine moves. The water doesn't spill out and even the knob is made to be waterproof.
  • Easy Operation:Ê?Just fill the machine with your clothes and fill the tub with water. Use the knob to set the specifications on the machine and then let it work its magic.
  • Perfect for Light Washes:Ê?Washizoª is ideal for people living alone or in college dormitories, travel and for other quick washes.