Rs. 999 Rs. 1,899
Carry your chill, wherever you go. Introducing Airanoª, Mini USB cooler that instantly rids you of hot, humid air anytime, anywhere!

Provided with a bladeless design, Airanoª is safe for both kids and adults. Being light and small, you can easily store it or take it along on the go. Whether you are cooking, working, exercising, or driving, it will always keep a fresh atmosphere around you. Just plug and relax!!

So don't just stay at home, chill at home with Airanoª.


  • Fully Adjustable: Dual outlets can be adjusted up and down separately as per your needs. Add ice or water in the tray for better cooling.
  • USB Powered: Juice up Airanoª with an adapter, laptop, power bank, etc. Just plug it into a nearby USB port and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Battery Supported: Out of charge? Don't worry, Airanoª also works on batteries. Carry 3 AA batteries, and you are good to go.
  • Premium Quality:ÊMade with high-grade ABS, Airanoª ensures sturdiness and durability. Single-button for convenient operation.