Rs. 899 Rs. 1,899
Max out your entertainment with Magnifoneª.
A Portable Screen Magnifier that enlarges the screen of your smartphones or tablet, and lets you watch anything without straining your hands.

Magnifoneª is designed to retract and expand for easy storage and carrying. Watch your favorite YouTube videos, binge watch your favorite T.V. shows, movies, and much more. Apart from freeing your hands, it enables a safe viewing distance to your keep your eyes unstrained. Equipped with a Fresnel lens, its massive 12-inch screen allows ultimate magnification.

So, if you are a fan of reading articles or streaming videos online, Magnifoneª will instantly boost your viewing experience.


  • Light and Compact: Being only 150g, it is very easy to store it or carry it on the go. Expand it whenever you want and place your phone inside. It can be retracted easily to a compact size which adds to its convenience.
  • Innovative Design: Provided with an optional stand on the bottom. The stand gives you a slanted angle for convenient and suitable viewing, making it perfect to read news or e-books, articles, and blogs on your smartphone.
  • Fully Compatible: Designed to fit all smartphones and tablets, whether itÕs an android phone, iOS, or windows phone. It is like using your phone with a magnifying glass or having a personal movie projector all the time.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade ABS, Magnifoneª ensures sturdiness and durability. Use it at home, in a car, outdoors, on camping, while traveling, or simply.