Rs. 1,299 Rs. 1,999
Run faster, walk lighter, jump higher and lift heavier even if you are recovering from an injury using Exokneeª. This is a pair of off-loader knee braces that work as shock absorbers for your legs and knees, providing you with optimal support and stability.

Equipped with carbon steel springs, it takes off 40kgs of your own body weight and makes it easy to go about your entire day. It is most effective for people with prolonged knee pain, sprain and strain, including ACL/MCL injuries, inflammation, soreness and tendinitis.

Exokneeª is so comfortable that it can be worn every day for as long as you need, be it a few minutes while walking or standing hours in line for your movie tickets.Ê

  • Strong Spring Force: Exokneeª uses a spring-loaded system that provides a significantly enhanced lifting power. This takes off most of the pressure from your upper body and makes your daily work tireless.
  • Meant for All: Exokneeª is made to be worn by all ages, with and without pre-existing knee problems. It can be worn as a precautionary measure to not end up with knee pain in the future and can just as well be used to help you from recovering from one.
  • Extremely Comfortable Experience: These off-load knee braces are designed with breathable, moisture-wicking, non-slip technology that wonÕt make your skin itch or sweat. You can wear it for the entire day and not even feel the fabric there.
  • One Size, Meant for All: You can easily wear these braces over and under your clothes and the velcro design is specially made to ensure that everyone can adjust the tightness of the braces according to their comfort level.
  • Material: Nylon + Carbon-Steel Springs
  • Color: Black
  • 1 x Exokneeª (One Pair)