Rs. 599 Rs. 1,299
Putting together the automatic disposal of sanitizer with the power of spray is what makes Puriserª the safest spray machine. This mini mist sprayÊcontinuously dispenses a fine mist of sanitizer at the touch of a button, disinfecting the surface in seconds.

Great for sanitizing keys, wallets, door handles, steering wheels, keyboard, and many more surfaces without using a cloth to rub the surface multiple times over.Ê
It projects hygienic and humidified air which is equally suitable to store air fresheners or perfumes and use it on the go.

  • Large Tank Volume:ÊWith 30ml capacity, you can easily refill the tank by rotating it counterclockwise and filling it with liquid sanitizer. Then rotate it in the clockwise direction to tighten the tank and keep it ready for use.
  • Dense Fog Volume:ÊThe machine dispenses dense molecules of sanitizer liquid for maximum disinfection. It will evenly spray all over the surface and cover the maximum area at once.
  • Rechargeable; USB device: This mist spray machine has an inbuilt ion battery that can be recharged using a standard USB. Charges completely in just one hour and provide uninterrupted assistance.
  • Compact, Portable, and Handy: Puriserª is a compact, lightweight and handy device that can be carried easily wherever you want. It can be taken along in a purse or kept in the jeans pocket, fitting perfectly in a small space.


  • Color:ÊWhite
  • Capacity:Ê30ml


  • 1 x Puriserª
  • 1 x USB Cable