Tuckrytª (Pack of 2)

Rs. 899 Rs. 1,599

Tuckrytª, a shirt stay belt that holds your shirt perfectly tucked even when you move, kneel, sit or stretch.

An easy,Êeffective, and discreet way to keep your shirts, polo's, and t-shirts close to your body and wrinkle-free at the waistline. No more baggy and embarrassing looks, it's strong elasticÊwillÊhold on tightly without slipping. Being discreet and concealed, it gives you an instant slim and toned appearance. So, always keep your shirts crisp and neatly tucked with Tuckrytª.

  • Universal Size:ÊBeing unisex and free-size, suitable for all body types. ProvidedÊwith a highly elastic strap and adjustable buckle, get your ideal fit by sliding the buckle.
  • Invisible Under Clothes:ÊEquipped with a heavy-duty metal clamp, it locks on the last button of your shirt. So, your shirt stays perfectly tucked without anybody noticing about it.
  • Elegant and Versatile:ÊComfortable to wear, it moves with your every movement without restrictions. Made for all, ideal for agents, lawyers clerks, officers, managers, and more.
  • Reinforced Stitching:ÊFinely stitched for long term usage without inconvenience. Made for daily use, it will not loosen up. So, no more tucking again and again!
  • Premium Quality:ÊMade with high-grade Nylon, Tuckrytª ensures sturdiness and durability. Grosgrain elastic provides comfort and Nubuck grips to prevent any slipping or sagginess.