Rs. 699 Rs. 1,399

Scrubbing your back is now an everyday possibility with Scrubbexª.

This is a silicone body scrubber that exfoliates and massages your entire body even those hard to reach areas like your back.

ThisÊexfoliating scrubber isÊthree times more effective and hygienic than your traditional loofas and makes scrubbing a few minutes job.Ê

  • Lengthy Enough: Being 60 cm long,ÊÊScrubbexª reaches to every spot where your hands cant. It is specially designed with hooks on both sides for holding it comfortably.
  • Strongly Built: These stretchy exfoliators are made of premium quality silicone with a strong bond hence it doesn't break off if you scrub your body hard with it.
  • Cleans Easy: ScrubbexªÊSilicone material is easy to clean and doesn't get dirt or soap stuck in the crevices. Just wash it under water and it will be as clean as new.
  • Easy to Store: With the two hooks you can easily hang the scrubber in the bathroom or fold it up and put it in the drawer. Its compact design doesn't take up much space.