Rs. 1,999 Rs. 2,999

Hang and dry all your clothes with this revolutionary clothes dryer Dryixoª!

This clothes drying hanger comes with tubes that will dry wet shoes and other footwear too.Ê

It features an ultra-ceramic heat blower that blow-dries and degerms your clothes and shoes.Ê

By evenly distributing hot air through the air vents, Dryixoª quickens the drying process even on cold and damp days.Ê

  • Dual Air Blowing Mode: DryixoªÊblows both hot and cold air. The hot air that measures about 50-60 degrees Celcius, sterilizes and steams your clothes. The cold air is especially helpful when the clothes are mildly wet only.
  • Automatic Switching of the Air Modes:ÊYou can manually select the air mode or the special safety system inbuilt in the dryer switches the air modes automatically. After three hours of constant heat air, the machine will switch to cold air, ensuring the clothes or the machine doesn't overheat.
  • Perks of Being Super Convenient: Dryixoª quickly and safely dries all your delicate clothes while it hangs. It is the fastest and easiest way to dry your clothes without any mess or damage.
  • Carriable and Wieldy:ÊThis dryer is exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle. It folds up to fit in a small space and can be carried anywhere.