Rs. 1,299 Rs. 2,499
Enjoy hot and cold beverages whenever, wherever!

Flasklyª, a smart thermos flask with an LCD display to show your drink's temperature without putting your tongue to the test.
Equipped with highly-sensitive sensors on the inside and a touch-screen LCD on the outside.ÊIt gives you an instant and accurate temperature reading, just tap on the lid.
Smart display automatically fades after a minute of inactivity.Ê
No charge needed, no batteries required. So, upgrade your thermos, getÊFlasklyª!


  • Ergonomic and Portable:ÊMinimalist design and the anodized surface providesÊa comfy grip. Use at homeÊor carry around whether it's the office, college, picnic, camping, cycling, etc.
  • Dual Layer Protection:ÊWith a double-layer of stainless steel on the outer as well as the inner part, it can easily withstand accidental falls. IPX7 Waterproof, it is completely safe if dropped in water.
  • Long Term Insulation:ÊA Vacuum-sealed lidÊmakes it completely spill-proof. Once locked, the flask provides up to 24 hours of insulation. It maintains both the temperature and flavor of your drink.
  • Detachable Infuse Filter:ÊComes withÊbuilt-in infuse strainer, easy to remove and clean. The strainer can be used to put tea and herbs in your beverages without any residue in the flask.
  • Premium Quality Material:ÊMade with high-grade ABS, Silicone, and Stainless Steel,ÊFlasklyªÊensures sturdiness and durability. The surfaceÊis anodized, stays free of rust and corrosion.