Unisex Sweat Shaper (Pack of 2)

Rs. 899 Rs. 1,799

Boost up your workouts withÊSweat Shaper Belt and sweat out more toxins than ever!
A thermal body shaper that lets you burn more calories in the same workout period.Ê
It raises your body temperatureÊnaturally and insulates your body heat.ÊMade with stretchable neoprene, it comfortably fits anyone. Whether you are going for a run, working, driving, or cooking, this Sweat Shaper Belt will always assist you. You can also ear it while going out, it's hard to notice under clothes.

It works even when you are not! So, just put it on when you feel like losing some extra sweat!

  • Versatile:ÊSuitable for physical activities. No matter if you are shopping, going for a walk, traveling, or binge-watchingÊat home, you can always burn calories without actually doing anything.
  • Accelerated Improvements: Sweat Shaper BeltÊworks best when you are working out, it can help you lose 3x more sweat. Due to intensified sweating,Ê you burn calories faster.
  • Instant Shaper:ÊMade with skin-friendly fabric,Êit can be used under your daily clothes to give you an instant lean and flat look. It locks all the sweat inside without making your clothes wet.
  • Home Fitness Essential:ÊPerfect home sauna solution, provides much needed back support while exercising. As a result, you improve your posture while cutting offÊextra fat.
  • Premium Quality:ÊMade with high-grade neoprene material and seamless stitching,Êit ensures sturdiness and long life. Apart from your tummy and waist, it can also tone your hips and thighs.